Dissemination events

Info days, regional / national workshops, training days, "Clean City Air” events and international seminars have been organised to different stakeholder groups in order to raise awareness on the use of gaseous vehicle fuels.

Totally 59 national / regional events with ~4300 participators. Result-oriented summary reports for each country have been published to summarize the success of these dissemination event.

Summary of the dissemination events in Finland

Summary of the dissemination events Estonia

Summary of the dissemination events in Poland

Summary of the dissemination events in Czech Republic

Summary of the dissemination events in Germany

Summary of the dissemination events in Austria

Summary of the dissemination events in Italy

Info days

The info days are targeted for operators of vehicle fleets and representatives of municipalities, and whenever possible, are associated with gas vehicle exhibitions and possibilities to test drive.

Finland: 5.11.2009 inTampere ,10.3.2010 in Helsinki, 23.3.2011 in Keuruu, 21.6.2011 in Espoo and 3.4.2012 in Kangasala
Estonia: 24.9.2010 in Tallinn and 6.12.2011 in Tallinn
Poland: 22.4.2010 in Warsaw and 17.-18.2.2011 in Szczyrk
Czech Republic: 15.10.2009 in Trebon and 6.10.2010 in Trebon
Germany: 20.10.2010 in Offenburg and 3.7.2011 in Kirchberg
Austria: 18.9.2009 in Frohnleiten and 24.10.2009 in Raaba
Italy: 17.12.2010 in Turin and 23.2.2012 in Montevarchi

National and regional workshops

Workshops (two regional workshops and one national workshop in each participating country) with stakeholders, including industry and policy makers, are organised in order to provide the platform for networking and for building a consensus on possible common strategies which can maximise business opportunities as well as environmental benefits.

Finland: 10.12.2009 in Jyväskylä, 18.5.2010 in Tampere and 4.10.2011 in Helsinki
Estonia: 3.12.2009 in Tallinn, 23.-24.3.2011 in Tallinn and 25.4.2012 in Tallinn
Poland: 14.2.2012 in Warsaw, 7.3.2012 in Warsaw and 15.7.2010 in Bielsko-Biala
Czech Republic: 10.2.2010 in Prague, 12.5.2011 in Prague and 7.6.2011 on Brno
Germany: 21.10.2010 in Offenburg, 27.10.2011 in Offenburg and 22.2.2012 in Berlin
Austria: 20.10.2009 in Fohnsdorf, 19.7.2011 in Graz and 4.10.2011 in Graz (press release)
Italy: 21.1.2010 in Turin, 269.6.2011 in Florence and 18.11.2011 in Milan

Clean City Air events

The Clean City Air events are targeted to the general public, and whenever possible, are also associated with gas vehicle exhibitions and possibilities to test drive.

Finland: 16.9.2010 in Tampere and 18.-19.9.2010 in Jyväskylä
Estonia: 18.9.2010 in Tallinn and 3.9.2011 in Tallinn
Poland: 25.-26.6.2010 in Bielsko-Biala and 11.-12.3.2011 in Warsaw
Czech Republic: 16.10.2009 in Trebon and 13.-15.4.2011 in České Budějovice
Germany: 28.6.2009 in Kirchberg and 18.7.2010 in Gailenkirchen
Austria: 19.9.2009 in Weiz and 7.10.2011 in Unterpremstätten
Italy: 6.7.2010 in Turin and 30.9.2011 in Montecatini Terme

Training days

The training days are organised for representatives of companies interested in the uptake of gas vehicles.

Finland: 7.10.2010 in Jämsä
Estonia: 8.12.2010 in Tallinn
Poland: 12.2.2011 in Warsaw
Czech Republic: 6.10.2010 in Trebon
Germany: 15.9.2011 in Crailsheim
Austria: 2.7.2010 in Kalsdorf
Italy: 29.9.2010 in Florence

International workshops

Two international seminars/workshops have been arranged, one in the early stages of the project, to present the results from the mapping of best practices, and another one towards the end of the project, to disseminate the results of the project as a whole.

The second international seminar "The GasHighWay Route to 2050 - The Alternative Way for Sustainable Mobility Today" was held on 1st March 2012 in Brussels, Belgium. The presentations of the seminar.


The first international seminar""A Trans-European Road to Renewable Mobility" was held on 28th January 2010 in Malmö, Sweden. The presentations of the seminar.