Info-day "(Bio)methane for mobility: economic opportunities and environmental sustainability”, Mirafiori Motor Village- December 17th, 2010

Environment Park, in collaboration with FIAT, has organized the info-day " (Bio)methane for mobility: economic opportunities and environmental sustainability” at Mirafiori MotorVillage Agorà (Turin). This event was addressed to the main stakeholders of this sector (local authorities, automotive companies, potential end-users, associations for natural gas distribution) and represented an important occasion to present the state of the art for (bio)methane refuelled vehicles and investigate the concrete possibilities for a further development of this technology at local and national level.

CNG mobility is nowadays a valid and concrete alternative to traditional fuels both at economical and environmental level. By converting a fleet from traditional to methane-fuelled one, it is possible to reduce the fuel costs up to 30%, to reduce CO2 and nitrogen oxides emissions up to respectively 23% and 50% while particulate matter could be completely eliminated.

Environmental benefits are more remarkable when natural gas is integrated with biomethane as a renewable source of energy from biogas plants.

This info-day, chaired by Paola Zitella from Environment Park, has been organized in the framework of the GasHighWay project, co-funded by the European Union within the program Intelligent Energy for Europe” with the aim of exchanging best practices among EU countries for the promotion of the uptake of CNG/biomethane as a fuel for transport.

The project was presented by Fabio Sagnelli from Environment Park who highlighted objectives, methodology of work and obtained results during the first part of the project.

The event was opened by William Casoni, Councillor for trade and fairs, parks and protected areas- (Regione Piemonte) and Alessandro Battaglino, Managing Director (Environment Park).

During the morning, the main key-actors has given their contribution by analyzing different issues:

  • Expansion of methane infrastructures in Italy (Fabio Sagnelli, Environment Park)
  • Techno-economic analysis for a methane fleet (Marianna Costa, Torino Metano)
  • Opportunities for CNG/biomethane vehicles (Andrea Gerini, FIAT Fiat Powertrain Technologies; Franco Zorzetto, Mercato Italia IVECO; Riccardo Morselli, Case New Holland)
  • New legislation for biomethane in Italy (Michele Ziosi, NGV System Italia)
  • Potentialities and costs for biomethane production in Italy (Alberto Rota, Politecnico di Milano)

The public's reaction was very enthusiastic, with the participation of around 130 interested people (mainly local authorities and stakeholders) taking part to an interesting ending debate with the technical contribution of speakers for analyzing the economic and environmental convenience of a CNG/biomethane fleet.

At the end of the debate, some FIAT CNG vehicles were available for test driving in the external part of the Mirafior Motor Village.

In particular, dual fuel Natural Power Fiat and Fiat Professional vehicles could be tested: Fiat Punto EVO, which testifies the involvement of Fiat in the identification of new solutions joining environmental sustainability and customer's needs and New Doblò in the version Cargo of Fiat Professional, the last model equipped with the first CNG Turbo engine, providing high efficiency and reduced consumption.

Programme (in English)

Programme (in Italian)