The GasHighWay - Route to Green Transportation publication has been published!

The European project called GasHighWay has been running since 2009 with the aim of promoting the uptake of gaseous vehicle fuels, as well as the production and upgrading of biogas for vehicle fuel. The objective of the project was to promote the realisation of a network of refuelling stations fo

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"GasHighWay - The Market Accelerator in Europe" publication

The European project called GasHighWay aimed at promoting the uptake of gaseous vehicle fuels, namely biomethane and CNG, and especially the realisation of a comprehensive network of refuelling stations for these fuels spanning Europe from the north, Finland and Sweden, to the south, Italy – in

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GasHighWay information leaflet in Swedish

Swedish Gas Centre has published an information leaflet in Swedish. A total of 13,500 copies were distributed through insertion in two energy business periodicals ("Energigas” and "Energimagasinet”). Please, read the leaflet!

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Feasibility studies and business plans

One main objective of the GasHighWay project has been to identify the most potential companies / organisations to undertake concrete projects aimed at uptake of gas vehicle fleets and the development of gas refuelling, biogas production and/or upgrading infrastructure, and to initiate the central tasks of technical support and feasibility studies for the selected organisations.

The summaries of the feasibility studies and business plans have been published instead of the complete documents as they contain sensitive information about the organisations involved in the studies. The public summaries however are useful for anyone planning to invest in projects of similar scope, as they would give general indication of the expected level of investment, profitability and payback times.

Summaries of feasibility studies and business plans for the realisation of the filling stations

5 Cases in Finland

- Case "AS Gaasienergia" and "AS Olerex" in Estonia
- Case "Company X", "Automotive Industry Institute" and "Płock" in Poland
- Case "Benteler", "CIML" and "CSAD" in Czech Republic
- Case "Kleinallmerspann", "Kressberg" and "Wolpertshausen" in Germany
- Case "Weiz" and "Schachenwald" in Austria
- Case "Cooperativa Arcobaleno", "Public Transport Company", "Publiacqua SpA" and "Acea Pinerolese" in Italy

Summaries of the techno-oconomical analysis for the gas vehicle uptake

- 14 Fleet Cases in Finland (in English and in Finnish)
- Taxi Case in Finland (in Finnish) (updated 2/2012)
- Case Estonia
- Case "City buses" (5 bus companies) and "Private transport company" in Poland
- Case Czech Republic
Case Germany
Cases in Austria
- Case "Cooperativa Arcobaleno" and "Public Transport Company" in Italy

Summaries of feasibility studies on the uptake of biogas production and upgrading technology

5 Cases in Finland

Joutsan Ekokaasu Oy
Pig farm (summary + calculation sheet)
Case Northern Central Finland (summary + calculation sheet)
Case Southern Central Finland (summary case 1 & case2)

- Case "food industry", "pig farm", "cattle farm_1", "cattle farm_2" and "cattle farm_3" in Estonia
- Case "WENA Kochanska", "private investor"and "Waste management company" in Poland
- Case "Grafit-Netolice", "Prachatice" and "Trebon" in Czech Republic
- Case "Kleinallmerspann", "Wolpertshausen" and "Bispingen" in Germany
- Case "Biomethane plant Graz" in Austria
- Case "Acea Pinerolese", "cooperative Speranza", "Publiacqua SpA" and "ASSA S.p.A."  in Italy