Advantages of ankle braces for players

Ankle braces hold the ankles tightly to prevent movement around the joints and reduce pain. It is very common to see footballers, basket ballers and rugby players with ankle braces around their ankles. In most cases, the ankles of these players are under stress, or they are in the healing process after a mild fracture.

Safety equipment for players

What are ankle braces?

Before we can talk about the advantages of ankle braces for players, we may need to understand what braces are and which types are available in the market. Ankle braces are garments worn around ankles. They are designed to keep the ankle in a neutral and immobile position. For this reason, they are made of rigid fabrics such as nylon. They may also have metallic fasteners to ensure that they are tightly fixed around the ankle so that they can hold it in position and prevent movement in the joint. The basketball ankle braces worn by Steph Curry are a good example. Here are a few advantages of ankle braces for players

Prevent localized movement thereby reducing pain following an injury

Plantar flexion and inversion of the ankle lead to the movement of ankle bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. If you have had an acute injury in your ankle, controlling the movement of these parts is crucial to your healing process. An ankle brace helps you in preventing the movement of these parts and keeping your ankle intact. Its main duty is actually to immobilize the joint and reduce pain as the healing process begins.


They enhance healing of a stressed ankle

Ankle braces accelerate the healing process of an ankle that has been hurt. They are protective and assistive devices that exert compressional forces to the joint and keep it intact and free from even the slightest movements. This way, they help in minimizing inflammations in the ankle. They are also effective in healing postoperative synovitis

They help in treatment of small fractures and sprains

A sprain, in this case, may entail rolling of the ankle in the direction of the sole or outwards. In this case, you need to wear the tightest ankle brace to support the sprained ligaments both externally and internally. Similarly, where you have a minor fracture in the ankle, a brace acts like the plaster of Paris by holding the parts of the ankle tightly together so that they can rebuild and heal. When the parts are held together tightly, the ankle heals fast, and the player can resume playing in a short period.


All said and done; you should not wait until your ankle is under stress to wear an ankle brace. If you know that you are getting involved in a rigorous sporting activity, you should have your ankle brace in place even before you begin the sporting activity. Just choose your ankle brace depending on the amount of support you need, and you will be good to go. Remember that an ounce of prevention is better than an ounce of cure. Therefore, prevent injuries to your ankles and wrists even before getting into the field to play.